Oriental Psych Rock | Bouzouki Surf | Turkish Delight

Amplified and in fast tempo, Cherry Bandora is reviving the vintage music styles of Greek 'Laïko', Turkish 'Anadolu Rock' and Israeli 'Mizrahit'.

The repertoire includes many tavern classics by legendary singers and bouzouki masters of the 50s such as Stelios Kazantzidis, Marinella, Manolis Xiotis and Vasilis Tsitsanis.

The sometimes joyful, sometimes melancholic melodies are being accompanied by the heavy delay tones of the Bouzouki, the Greek Blues guitar and from the psychedelic organ sounds. 

The show turns into a trip through the Mediterranean and between the Ports of Piraeus, Istanbul and Jaffa of the 60s and 70s, that invites to dance and to enjoy.


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